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back surgery - eyverska
March 21st, 2011
12:36 pm


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back surgery
I am going to have surgery March 31 to get my back fixed and hopefully get my life back.
Surgery will be at Southern Hills Hospital in Nashville. It should last a couple of hours. I will stay at the hospital for 2-3 days and be off work up to a month. Hopefully less.
Vertebrae L-4 & L-5 have slipped and my feet go numb after being on them for 5 minutes or so. bleh. This is an easy fix at this point so I may as well get it over with.
Good thought and calming energy will be welcome.
I will get busy and clean up the yard and get the first mowing over with. And work on my to-do list.
Beloved will need distracting while I am off my feet. Anyone who wants to haul him around will be most welcome.

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