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The winds of change - eyverska
March 3rd, 2015
02:02 pm


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The winds of change
Dad is 82. He has smoked since he was 15. This is catching up with him.

There were shadows of nodules on his lungs 6 months ago. The cancer is metastasizing. He could have 3 weeks. He could have 3 months. He does not want treatment. I respect him for this.

Elder brother is autistic. Younger brother and I are working quickly to set up a guardianship account for EB. EB is high functioning but cannot handle living on his own. He has almost always lived in a house with Dad. I will be on the road a lot between Tennessee and West Virginia in the next few months. We will work with EB to get him into an appropriate living situation.

I will really miss Dad. He read science fiction and fantasy to us when we were young. We had current events quizzes at the dinner table. We had well reasoned discussions on politics and the news and were allowed to make up our own minds.

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